God is Good

What you believe about the goodness of God has the power to shape your life and define your destiny. It can either fuel your prayer life with faith and expectation or quench it with uncertainty and doubt. You either see a good God who is always faithful or you see a detached deity whose character is unpredictable. Do you REALLY believe He is GOOD?

We will show this powerful DVD series by Bill Johnson of Bethel Church each Thursday with good discussion afterwards. This series will challenge you and bless you with topics such as:
– God’s Goodness Shapes our Reality
– God’s Original Design for Creation
– God’s Perfect Will: It’s Not His Fault!

If you’ve already been to other Zoom studies we will automatically send you an invite. If not, please follow the directions in this email to sign up on Zoom and let us know you want the link.

The event is finished.